Hello Australia!

We wanted to explain a little more the change of dates in Australia this month…

The headline shows simply weren’t selling as well as everyone involved had hoped and we were going to have to cancel/reschedule them. Just as we were about to do that, our friends in Tonight Alive invited us to join their tour, which of course we’re stoked about having toured with them in the UK earlier this year, but also because it presents us with an opportunity to come out and see and play for you guys again immediately!

We’re really sorry to have to cancel our headline shows, we hate cancelling shows and we’ve been so excited about those shows since we announced them, but sadly the sales just weren’t there.

We had a great time when we were over last summer (see video above! ha!) and can’t wait to head over. More than anything, we wanted to explain it properly to you guys and hope you appreciate the situation.

See you guys soon!

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